CC2640R2F: timeout unexpectedly with iPhone (connection instability)

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Hi all,

When using our customized device (with WiFi(cc3220) + BLE(cc2640) RF coexistence) to have BLE connect to iPhone (iOS 11.x.x), it's really unstable for connection timeout unexpectedly (will receive GAP_LINK_TERMINATED_EVENT from peripheral.c).
I started developing customized BLE application with simple_peripheral example project (simplelink_cc2640r2_sdk_2_20_00_49).
Some info below to see if any hint for troubleshooting:

(1) According to to modify parameters as following  
// Minimum connection interval (units of 1.25ms, 80=100ms) for automatic parameter update request
// Maximum connection interval (units of 1.25ms, 800=1000ms) for automatic parameter update request
// Slave latency to use for automatic parameter update request
// Supervision timeout value (units of 10ms, 1000=10s) for automatic parameter update request

(2) Checked memory size (heap & task stack = 2048B), and the heapmgrMemMax doesn't exceed total heap size & stack size seems not overflowed after timeout occurred.

(3) Using LiteBlue app to scan and connect to DUT, the timeout still occurred no matter the RSSI range from -1x to -9x

(4) CACHE_AS_RAM is enabled.

(5) The customized image is also tried on CC2640R2F LunchPad , and it still gets timeout unexpectedly after two hours (better than our DUT from 1 min to 30 mins).

(6) The sniffer log by FrontLine:

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