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Development status of MR-OFDM chipsets

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Customer support directed me to this forum, since they weren't able to help. So I'm asking the question here again.

We are currently developing a propietary rf application. Since we have to get the radio-signals through rough/difficult environments we evaluated OFDM in the 433-ISM Band (or 868). Ideal would be the MR-OFDM physical layer of to the IEEE 801.15.4.g SUN specification.

Sadly there is only one module of a different company on the market at the moment. with a little help of google I found following presentation (Wireless Connectivity, LPRF Performance Line, CC1120 and CC1200 families from Q1 2013)

Citation from Slide nr. 37 : "TI will provide high performance and power efficient 802.15.4g compliant solutions using the MR--FSK and MR-OFDM PHY specifications".

This presentation is 6 years old and today I didn't found a product of yours, which supports MR-OFDM. Are those chipsets still in development and will there be MR-OFDM compliant chips any time soon or is this presentation outdated and the development of such chips was shut down?

Looking forward to your answer