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ADC32RF83: If not using Balun, is there any design reference?

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Part Number: ADC32RF83


From design reference we can see using two Balun.

Is there any other design reference when customer not use Balun?

Thanks a lot!

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Luck Wu

  • Hi Luck Wu,

    One of our device experts is looking into your question, and will be back with you soon.

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  • In reply to dBrock:

    Hi Luck Wu,


    Is the customer planning to use a differential signal as input? 

    In the design above, differential signal can be used as input to J2 (INP) and J1 (INM).

    The following changes had to be made to enable differential input:

    1. Remove T1 and T2

    2. Populate C414, R1, C1, C415, R11 and C6.




  • In reply to Vijayendra Varma Siddamsetty:

    Hi Vijay:

    Many thanks for your suggestion, could you kindly help to check the newest schematic about the ADC?

    Btw, GPIO4 is not connected with anything, is the design OK?

    Pls. kindly give some advice about it.

    Thanks a lot!

    Best regards

    Luck Wu

  • In reply to Lian Wu:

    Hi Lian,

    Hardware reset is required for the device before loading the configuration. Please connect it to FPGA / ASIC.

    It's not necessary to connect GPIO4. It can be programmed as CMOS SYNCB. But I see customer has connected LVDS SYNCB.

    I see GPIO 1, 2 and 3 are connected. If customer is not planning on using NCO switching, those don't need to be connected as well.