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AFE7444EVM: AFE ADC testing

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Hello all,

I am testing the ADC portion of AFE7444 in mode 6. I am able to see 10 MHz tone HSDC pro when my input is 1710 MHz and NCO is 1700 MHz. But when i am going  for 3000MHz as ADC input frequency then i am not able to capture the tone. Any particular settings have to make in HSDC pro. Please guide.

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  • Hi Vikas,

    We are taking a look into your question, and will be back with you soon.

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  • Hi Vikas,

    What is NCO frequency when input is 3000MHz ? Also, what is ADC sampling rate ?

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    NCO frequency we kept to zero. ADC sampling rate to 2.94912 G. Since in mode 6 decimation is by 8. So effective data rate is 368 M. We also tried for mode 3 (effective data rate )but there we are getting noise floor around -50 dBm.  What NCO frequency and sampling rate shoul is keep??

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    You need to adjust your NCO frequency in order to capture the fundamental tone in HSDC Pro. Make sure that your NCO frequency downconverts the input signal to a location within the decimation bandwidth you are using. For example, since effective datarate is 368M your decimation bandwidth ranges from -184M to +184M. 

    If your input frequency is 3000M then try setting the RX NCO value to 2950M. This will down convert the signal to 50M which is well within the decimation passband.