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AFE7444: Access denied for AFE7444 reference HDL files

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Part Number: AFE7444

Hi, I am looking for AFE7444 reference HDL files in order to know if I can easily add this new code in my project if we buy this chip.

I follow the instructions in this topic, but when I filled the form and clicked on submit after certifying that all the above is true, a new page opens and tell me :

Access Denied

You don't have permission to access "www.ti.com/.../swlicresults.tsp on this server.

Reference #18.265c1702.1568994301.51445c25

Why I have this message? How can I get the complete datasheet and the reference HDL code?



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    We are looking into this.



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    Unfortunately i am not able to provide a reason for denial because i am not in charge of granting access. You might have received an email that could give you further insight into why you were denied or who to contact for more questions.