AFE7422EVM: Error 7 while running the stup

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Part Number: AFE7422EVM

We have followed  the steps as per the user guide and installed both HSDC Pro and AFE7422(2.2.7 version) exe files. For installing labview internet access was allowed and labview software was also downloaded and got installed automatically.

Settings were updated in HSDC Pro GUI and AFE GUI. After setting the mode while running the sequence it is showing Error code 7.

What is the possible solution?

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    We are looking into this.



  • In reply to jim s:

    Kindly provide the solution as early as possible.

  • In reply to Julin George:


    Can you please send me a snap shot of the GUI error you are seeing. Also send me a snapshot of the advanced panel in the GUI. 



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    Error 7 was solved when we tried in another laptop and the following error has popped up when using internal clock. screenshot of the same is attached.

    AFE version is 2.2.7 and HSDC Pro version is 5.0