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ADC32RF80: Can't get the right data

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Part Number: ADC32RF80


  i have ADC32RF80EVM and TSW14J56. and use lmx2582internal clock and bypass mode. The signal source is 160Mhz, 1.3VVpp. But you can't get the right data. Some data is always 0. 

Attachments are screenshot files, which are 12-bit and 14-bit, respectively. Another question is how is the sampling clock determined? 12 bits use 2949.12M, 14 bits use 2457.6M, but 14 bits use 2491.12M, jesd can't connect.why?thanksScreenshot.zip

  • Hi,

    ADC32RF80 doesn't support bypass modes. For bypass mode, you'll need ADC32RF4x device.

    The device doesn't support 14-bit mode at 2949.12MHz due to SerDes rate limitation. The max rate is 12.5Gbps.

    If you have ADC32RF80EVM, you'll have to use one of the DDC modes.