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TCI6630K2L Dynamic PFIR selection on K2L (RFSDK)

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I would like to change the PFIR filter in DDUC[3:0] dynamically.

I have a .tgtcfg which has 4x PFIR filter coefficients assigned to each DDUC and I can select these at configuration time (radio select) by editing the .tgtcfg file. This confirms the 4x PFIR banks exist in the .tgtcfg. Now I would like to select a PFIR bank dynamically whilst the radio is running, the DFE user manual (SPRUHX8 April 2015) says there is an API for this, I have included a snippet from the manual below. Please can you provide this API?

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Richard Green

  • Hi,

    I've notified the team, but expect delay in their reply because of Thanksgiving holidays.

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  • In reply to Yordan Kovachev:

    Hello Richard,

    The PFIR coefficients are normally odd-symmetric, or non-symmetric, and the number of loaded coefficients

    Has to be the same, and the sum of the coefficients with the PFIR_scale gain has to be the same.

    There is a DDUC PFIR synced register that is changed for the PFIR bank number.


    Note: channels in a DDUC can have different PFIR_bank selects also. 


    Note: the PFIR coefficient RAM is not linear coefficient order, for each mode int1, int2, dec1, dec2, symmetric, and

    Number of banks the coefficient order can be different. (you could actually load coefficients dynamically, then select the PFIR bank, and sync that to the DDUC.


    If you need further help, I would suggest you get in touch with TI's 3rd parties as suggested in support guidance.


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    David Zhou

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    Hi David, 

    Thanks for the response but the above is documented in the manuals and I work for the 3rd party support company.

    I've found a workaround by writing direct to the tap registers in RAM, not ideal but it works. I would prefer to select a different bank but I doesn't seem possible.



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    I will close this thread but I will pass on some info to you directly through emails.

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    David Zhou