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How different tone on each channel

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Hello all,

1)We have 4 Tx in AFE7444. I want to send 20MHz tone from first tx, 50M tone from second Tx, 80M tone from 3rd Tx and 90M Tx from 4th Tx. How to do this? 

2) In HSDC PRO GUI, there is one option "ACTIVE CHANNEL", in that there are 8 channel option, so for what purpose these 8 channel are given sir, we are unable to correlate


  • Vikas, 

    1) What is the data rate? I will create a .csv file pro containing the frequencies you mentioned  that you can load to HSDC along with a quick guide on how i created the file. But to create the file, i need the data rate. 

     2) If the .ini file you are using is for a mode with complex data, then Channel 1/2 are I/Q respectively for TX A. Channels 3/4 are I/Q respectively for TX B and so on. 


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    Hello yusuf,

    Thanks a lot, I am able to do this . My data rate is 368.64M.

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    When you say "you are able to do this", does that mean you no longer need assistance?