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DAC38RF82: External balun with TSW40RF82 EVM

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Part Number: DAC38RF82


I am trying to use TCM2-33WX+ as it has a low phase and amplitude imbalance. 

On TSW40RF82EVM, I have made the following mods. 

1. populate L7, L8, R382 and R380.

2. remove R381 and R386. 

3. Connect J40  TCM2-33WX+ secondary pin 3. 

4. Connect J39 to TCM2-33WX+ secondary dot pin 4.

5. Output on primary

But my signal level is reduced by about 9 dB compared to the on the board balun. 

Do I need to populate R369? 

What should be the voltage at the point where R386 and L7 meet?

Please let me know.

Thank you.