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PLLatinum Sim - how do you add reference phase noise?

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I'm using a 100 MHz reference. How do I add the phase noise of the reference to the simulation?

  • While I'm asking, is there a user guide for PLLatinum Sim?

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    Hello Charles,

    You can set the feature level of PLLatinum sim to either intermediate or advanced. Then, from the Phase Noise page, there is a box for "OSC, PLL, and VCO Noise" which gives two options: either you can use metrics to infer the 1/f^3, 1/f^2, and floor regions by selecting "Use Metrics" and toggling "manual override" to enter noise at certain offsets, or you can select "Load Data" to import a trace data text file. The imported file should be a comma-separated list of frequency offsets and phase noise measurements, see the example attached.

    100 MHz Crystek CVHD-950.txt

    There isn't a user's guide for PLLatinum Sim per se, but you can click on the question marks next to various section headers for an in-depth explanation of most of the features and boxes:


    Derek Payne

    Texas Instruments