CC2538 Zigbee controller Range Issue in combination with CC2592 range extender


We faced a bad range problem in CC2538 in combination with CC2592 range extender.

The above figure shows the block representation of Zigbee controller with range extender.

Here i would like to update my observations from good range and bad range boards.

Here Power Amplifier Enable is indicated as PA_EN and low-noise amplifier is indicated as LNA_EN.

Range Status LNA_EN PA_EN
Good Range boards 3.3V 0Volts
Bad Range boards 0Volts to 2.9Volts

These voltage outputs are from CC2538 Zigbee controller and these signals are connected to Port-C.

Kindly help us to find whats is the issue.


  1. is it hardware or firmware issue?
  2. Any recommended solution for this?
  3. Is there any sections damaged?


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