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gc5316 power up

Is there any requirements to power up sequence of the chip?

First 3.3V, then 1.5V, or doesn't matter?

  • Hello Victor,


    The GC5316 has a 1.5v core, and 3.3vIO power .  The RESET_N signal should be held low on startup until the

    1.5v core and 3.3v IO are within tolerance.  As long as the RESET_N is low, the power supply sequece is not required.

    Both power supplies should be applied within 100ms.  Some hardware design to avoid MPU 3.3v bus contention, such as a pull up resistor

    for Chip_enable_N should also be used.


    Radio Joe

  • In reply to Radio-Joe:

    Just to be sure: Is RESET_N a full hardware reset?

    I mean this case:

    If RESET_N not tied low _while_ on startup, will i get the same result if i assert RESET_N low some time _after_ startup?

    I want to use FPGA to interface GC, but i think FPGA will not be already loaded while GC IO and core voltages are starting up...

    Or i should use some pulldown on RESET_N line?


    Thank you!

  • In reply to Victor:

    Hello Victor,

    A pull down resistor for the TRST and RESETN should be applied if the FPGA is not available to pull this low during startup.  The FPGA can output a '1' to these

    signals after the power supplies are OK.    The part is only tested with RESETN TRST low to high when the power supplies are off and then valid.


    Radio Joe