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Parallel IQ with SplitIQ mode in DUC input Interface



If we are using parallel /Q mode as the Input Interface for DUC then how will splitIQ mode help increase filtering. Since in parallel mode each port is anyways receiving  only I or else only Q data. Would the PFIR filter still process I samples for half the clock cyles and Q samples for the rest half?

Ruchi Johari

  • Hello Ruchi,

    The GC5016 has two modes of operation, 4 channel and split IQ mode.  The split IQ mode combines channels AB and CD together.  When the two channels are combined, the PFIR operates on I or Q instead of I interleaved Q data.  This effectively allows the PFIR to perform 2x the number of multiplies.  This increases the filtering in splitIQ mode.

    The DUC input or DDC output only have two modes in split IQ mode.  They can either be a parallel IQ, or Time Division Multipliexed Bus.  In the 4 channel mode, the allowable DUC input or DDC output has interleaved IQ or Time Dividsion Multiplexed Bus. 

    The split IQ mode results in more filtering, not the baseband interface. 


    Radio Joe