I am beginner doing wireless communications.   I have this development kit that comes with two boards.  I'm sure there are some sample codes out somewhere but I do not know where to look.  Can someone please point me in the right direction?  Also, any information on how to make the boards communicate with each other or send signals out to each of the boards would be helpful.  Thank You!!!

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  • Chadrick

    I have a very similar problem now. I just got the EM-CC430F5137 eval kit, like your F6137 kit. There is no documentation about it that I could find anywhere! Did you finally get any information on what the led blinking patterns mean, how to pair the two devices, or what software they were programmed with before shipping? I've been combing through all the forums but there is no app notes, user guides, nothing...

    Really frustrating.

    Thanks, Sándor