IAR Linker Problem (CC2430 TI example)

i downloaded the CC2430 ZiggBee examples from the online support and tried to run them on the CC2430 evaluation board by the use of the CC2430 Software Examples user guide.

For this i installed the IAR embedded workbench IDE 30 days test software.

Then i opend the project like in the manuel under 3.2.2 and chose the srf04_cc2430 project tab.

Then i tried to "rebuilt all" (the light switch project) but then an error occured: Error[e12]: Unable to open file: 'lnk51ew_cc2430.xcl'

I searched online for this file and copied it in the program folder: IAR System\Embedded Wrokbench 6.0\8051\config

By doing this the first error could be solved but it call the next: Unable to open file 'lnk_base.xcl' lnk51ew_cc2430.xcl 138 because this file is called in the lnk51ew_cc2430.xcl file.

So what can be the solution for this problem?

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  • I have a similar issue with my CC2530 IAR project (couldn't find the xcl file)

    To fix this, I click Project->Options->Linker->Config Tab

    In the Config tab, select the "Override default" check box and then browse to the actual file that should be used for linking (lnk51ew_cc2430.xcl). Then do a rebuild all.


  • In reply to Bryce Lembke:

    That dosn't solve the problem because the lnk51_cc2430.xcl opens the lnk_base.xcl file which also was not found because i have not such a file.


  • In reply to Thomas Hackmann:

    Did you try using the following linker file...

    c:\Program Files\IAR Systems\Embedded Workbench 6.0\8051\config\device\Texas Instruments\lnk51ew_cc2430F32.xcl (replacing 32 with whatever size you flash is)?

    There is also banked versions of the linker files in this folder too. I use the banked version since my code is larger than one block size.