smartrf05bb slightly high current consumption

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I'm attaching a cc2541em to a battery-powered smartrf05bb.

There is no jumper on the board present. EM selection switch is in SOC/TRX position.

I attach my Ammeter to P7 and switch on the board.

However, in sleep mode I do not obtain 1 uA. In fact, I see 0.2mA.

Instead, if moving EM selection switch to MSP position, I obtain 0.08mA. Just being curious why this happens. Datasheet says it should by SOC/TRX.

By removing the cc2451em from the battery board and powering in other manners, I obtain the desired value in the Ammeter.

My goal is obviously to see my 1uA while the node is powered by smartRF05BB! :)

So, I'm omitting something, please let me know your thoughts!


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