Knowing Where to Post for RF and Wireless Connectivity

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This is the /etc RF forum.  It is used for RF questions when you are unsure of where to post.  Unfortunately, this area is often prone to little engagement and often times lack of response from the community members.

Because of are some places where you can make your post...

Low Power RF Products and Protocols (CCxxxx products) -

Bluetooth Applications and Bluetooth Low Energy -

RFID (TRF796x, TMS3705, and TMS3715x) -


Digital Radio Products (GCxxxx) -

Modulators, Demodulators, PLLs and VCOs -


Making your post in the correct area always ensures that you have a higher chance of getting engagement on your question or discussion.  If you have questions on any TI RF products which are not covered in the list above, post them here!


Foe - WW Community Program Manager - Texas Instruments

Foe - Texas Instruments WW Community Program Manager