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using CC2500 with PIC microcontroller

Hi, I am using CC2500 RF Transceiver. I want to configure it using PIC micro controller without using  SmartRF studio software.

I am unable to get the details of few registers like FREND1, FREND0, TEST2, TEST1 & TEST0.

Please guide how to proceed?

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    Smart RF Studio is strongly recommended to use to find the recommended register settings. Studio is not tied to a MCU so I don't see why you don't want to use it.

  • In reply to TER:

    Thanks for the reply. But the register i have mentioned are not explained in datasheet as well as in SmartRF Studio.

    So to set value for those registers, their explanations are needed.

    I want that explanation. Please guide.

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    In reply to Chaitanya Garg:

    You find the predefined setting in Smart RF Studio that is closest to what you want to use and set the registers according to this.

  • In reply to TER:

    this is ok. but when i change some parameters the values to these registers changes.

    to judge the change in values i have to be aware about the configuration which is not possible.

    Please guide.