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TRF370417: TRF370417

Part Number: TRF370417


I'm going to interface the DAC38J84 to the TRF370417 I/Q modulator.

I've found an application note SLUA647A "Analog Interfacing Networks for DAC348x and Modulators" and there is an explanation of passive single-supply level translation interface at pages 7-8.

My question is:

1. What is a correct value of TRF370417 input baseband impedance - 5 kOhm (as it written in the TRF370417 datasheet) or 20 kOhm (as it written in the Table 1 of application note)?

2. In case there is a mistake in application note and the correct value is 5 kOhm, how does one re-calculate the R1 - R4 resistors values? Can you please provide the required equations?