TRF371135: TRR371135 as a Phase Detector?

Part Number: TRF371135

Can this IC work as a phase detector?

RF frequency = LO Frequency

RF signal level << LO signal Level

Goal = DC level at Mixer Output or BB Output a function of the phase difference between RF & LO

Yes, this is an unusual application....

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  • Hmmm.  Ideally, how would this work.  If the RF and LO are in phase then the DC is maximum.  If the RF and LO are 180 deg out of phase then the DC is nulled.  I think that it will be difficult to use the device in this way.  There is a natural DC offset present in the device due to the amplitude and phase imbalance in the demodulator.  I suspect that this imbalance will distort the DC from the phase delta that you are trying to measure.  Perhaps the DC offset can be optimized/calibrated with no signal and then used as a phase detector.  If you try it out and it works, let the forum know.  Interesting application.


  • Actually, the offsets might cancel out. The phase is the arctan of I/q