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TRF370417: the meaning of ESD Ratings

Part Number: TRF370417


Let me ask you the meaning of ESD ratings as below.

As I do not know the specifications well, would you please teach me the meaning?

According to the datasheet, ESD specification is +/-75V.

Q1) I would like to know the broken ESD condition of  this device.

     Q1-1) Is this device broken simply over the voltage +/-75V?

     Q1-2) This device will be broken when ESD is discharged after adding over +/-75V?

     Q1-3) This device will not be broken in case of slow discharging after adding over +/-75V?  

Q2) Does this device have an margin of ESD? That is to say, how much is the actual value of ESD?

I'm sorry to ask you for my very basic questions.

Thank you in advance.

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  • The ESD table shows the electrostatic discharge extremes for the device. For example, if the device was exposed to 70V, in an environment that was similar to the testing model used, then it should remain functional.  

    To answer your questions specifically:

    1. The device may not be functional after exposing it to +/- 75V for any length of time. Also, you should also keep in mind that the ESD rating is much higher than the power supply limits of this device. If you were to expose it to +/-75V over period of time, you could damage the part.

    2. The margin of ESD that the part can handle is +/- 75V. You should take these as hard limits to ensure that the device remains operational. 



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