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TRF3722: Recommended interface between DAC38J84 and TRF3722 on different boards

Part Number: TRF3722


I have 4 DACs (DAC37J84) on a board and trying to connecting to 8 TRF3722 on another board. I looked at the TRF3722 EVM board, it is using 2 SMA connectors for the In-phase input and another 2 SMA connectors for the quad-phase input. Which means 1 TRF3722 will need 4 SMA. And if I have 8 TRF3722, i would have 48 SMA connectors for interconnection, which have way too many connectors..

1) What is the recommended interconnections between them to have reduction in the number of lines?

2) Can I use "high speed board-to-board connectors" to connect them as differential lines?

3) Or do I need to use balun at the DACs side to do single-ended and then balun at the TRF3722 to reduce the no of coaxial cables if I cannot use the high speed board-to-board connection?