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TRF370417: TRF370417: about specification

Part Number: TRF370417

Hi all,
My customer has some questions about TRF370417 specification as belows;

1. What is the absolute maximum ratings of BBIP, BBIN, BBQP and BBQN during normal operation?

2. About the baseband inputs,
     according to the datasheet, Vcm is 1.7V as typical value.  
     When DC connection, is the typical input signal level 98mV-rms?
     What is the maximum value?

3. According to the EVM schematics and the EVM  Layout, NC pins are connected to GND.
     But the datasheet disclibed that  All NC pins can be left floating.
     Which is the recommended way to make NC floating or connected to GND?

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  • 1. Do not exceed 3.4Vpp when operating with a Vcm = 1.7V. 

    2. D/S characterized at 98mV-RMS;  operation at 2Vpp or less is acceptable.

    3. NC pins are truly not connected to anything.  There is no electrical performance difference between gnd or floating.  I prefer to ground the NC pins so that the pads do not get easily peeled up during assembly or reworks.