LMV225: ANTENNA open/disconnect detection

Part Number: LMV225

Hi, team,

Can LMV225 detect ANTENNA open/disconnect issue and report to RF power amplifier? Now schematic is as below, customer found when ANTENNA is disconnect for some reason, RFPA will burn down.



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  • any one can help on this question?


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    Hello Johnny,

    I'll see if I can find someone to help with this.

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    Hi Johnny,

    I am not an expert on this device, but my understanding is that this device is just a RF detector so it will return the information of the detected input power only. The system has to determine how to use this information in order to improve system performance.
    Furthermore, to detect antenna discontinuity, we need two RF detectors and a directional coupler.
  • As Noel says, you will need a directional coupler to monitor the reflected power. If you see an increase, it means that the antenna is disconnected. From there it is a race to see what happens first: Damage to the RFPA or activation of the shutdown circuit.