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FDC2214: Looking for MSP432 code for FDC2214

Part Number: FDC2214


I am looking for some code that runs on a MSP432 Launchpad that will configure and read a FDC2214 in a continuous loop.

I actually wrote some code and it seems to work, but I am not getting as consistent of readings as using the EVM gui. I am trying to copy all the register settings as in the EVM, but when I try to set the RCOUNT values to 0xFFFF, all the data I read is 0 for every channel. Also, when I use a SETTLECOUNT higher than ~4, the readings get really inconsistent. So, I am assuming I am doing something wrong.


  • Hello,

    The EVM firmware is available in the following directory as a reference.

    C:\ti\Sensing Solutions EVM GUI-1.9.1\EVM Firmware



  • In reply to Yibo Yu:

    Yes, I saw that, but it's for the MSP430. I am looking for specific MSP432 code.

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    Hello Ferdster,

    Unfortunately, no MSP432 code has been developed by our team. The EVM code was developed on the MSP430 - you will need to port the functionality to the MSP432. In the EVM Firmware directory, we have the FDC221x.h and FDC221x.c files which can be used as a driver for the part. The MSP430 EVM code will provide examples of how to use the driver to configure the device and retrieve measurements.



  • In reply to Chris Oberhauser:

    I figured out my problem, I was not waiting long enough after waking up the FDC for the measurement to take place before reading the data registers and so they were returning 0.

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    Hello Yibo

    I am a novice in MSP430 and FDC sensor.
    I have an FDC2214EVM, I was wondering to know if i can modify the firmware and import the new one into the EVM board?
    If it is avalible, what environment should I set up? what kind of tools should i have?