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FDC1004-Q1: diagnostic check?

Part Number: FDC1004-Q1

Hi all,

One of the FDC1004-Q1 chips I am using for prototyping liquid sensing is behaving "oddly".

Specifically, I can read/write to the FDC register (0x0C) but I can not read to any of the MEAS* registers {0x08, 0x09, 0x0A, 0x0B}.

A second chip I have works fine with the same code. I'm using arduino if it matters.

Is there a way to check the "health" of a chip? I'm curious to see if I've somehow fried it. I do have a logic analyser available.

  • Hi Patrick,

    You may want to check that the I2C signals are what you intend them to be. For example, if some voltage or timing is marginally out of spec, it may work on one chip but not the other. Also, sometimes if there is an untended glitch on I2C, it can disrupt the read/write process.