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FDC1004EVM: TIDA-00317 bare PCB making

Part Number: FDC1004EVM


Now I try use FDC1004EVM and TIDA-00317 sensor to do capacitive level sensor evaluation.

Now question is that I am hard to procure the TIDA-00317 bare PCB according your referred design, have the below question:

  1. This is 1.6mm bare PCB, but web or spec say it is FPC?
  2. Can I change Pre-preg from 0.0276/0.7mm to 0.2mm, normally 4 layer PCB procedure is 0.2mm? If yes, it will change capacitive factor?
  3. Seems that layer1 and layer4 are trace and shape, layer2 and layer3 are whole film? Can I just make just 2 layer FPC without layer 2 and layer3 because it will be easier to procure the board? If yes, it will change capacitive factor?
  4. At the beginning I can procure TIDA-00317 sensor directly from you?

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  • Hello Kent,

    The sensor can be made on either PCB or flex PCB.

    You may change the pre-preg thickness. For this sensor board, the 4 layer PCB portion is just for the trace and connector.

    The actual flex sensor portion only needs 2 layers.

    If you need a sensor board for evaluation, please contact your local TI sales representative.

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  • In reply to Yibo Yu:

    Hi Yibo,

    Thanks a lot for your reply.

    From the Gerber file, seem that blue is top layer, green is bottom  layer. Also with what you said, we just use top layer and bottom layer can realize whole flex sensor, right?

    "Sensor board" it means 1.6mm board, right?

    So you mean that, we don't care about internal 2 layer(layer3 and layer4)? Because it help realize mechanical function? If yes, why not 2 layer, which is 1.6mm board. 

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