HDC1080: HDC1080 / Effect of sweat on sensor

Part Number: HDC1080

Hi TI Folks,

  Good day to you.

  Considering to design a wearable product with HDC1080 / HDC2010, need to clarify how much effect when sweat appears / stick on its sensor area:

  • 1. How much effect on Temperature reading?  (estimated how many percentage shift?)
  • 2. How much effect on Humidity reading? ( estimated how many percentage shift?)
  • 3. Will the sweat on sensor effect the HDC1080 lifetime ?

  Two more question are, after the sweat on sensor is dry,

  • 1. Will the remain material effect the lifetime of HDC1080?
  • 2. Will it effect the accuracy on temperature and humidity measurement ?

Best regards.

Jiang WeiJi