LMP91200: LMP91200 reference design questions

Part Number: LMP91200

Hi Team,

The customer would like to use LMP91200 to measure the PH of the polluted water.

For the E version datasheet, it removes the SPI function. 

He needs to the reference schematic for the PH design.  

Q1: Would you provide a reference schematic to measure the PH  for the E version datasheet?

Q2: For the E version datasheet, I think its content is very brief.

a). For the PH buffer, what are the voltage range for the GUARD1,INP, GUARD2, VOUT and VOCM pins?

b). For the VCM buffer,  what are the voltage range for the VREF, VCM and VCMHI pins?

c), For the PGA, is the GAIN 5V/V? Is this value 5V/V constant?

Best Wishes,
Mickey Zhang
Asia Customer Support Center
Texas Instruments

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