HDC1080: About HDC1080 Calibration Question

Part Number: HDC1080

Hi Sir,

My customer plan use HDC1080 application IOT. some question need you help and inform me.
If we plan calibration HDC1080 from our end customer per ever 1 ~ 2 year.
How can I suggest my customer which is best solution about calibration HDC1080? thanks.

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  • Will follow up with you once our engineer in charge has the right answers.
  • Hello,
    If the device is kept in the recommended operating range (RH between 10% to 70% and temperature between -20degC to 70degC), your customer doesn't need to calibrate it often (the long term drift is ±0.25 %RH/yr).
    The best way to calibrate the HDC1080 is to keep it in a controlled environment (as for example a climatic chamber) together with a high accuracy reference sensor (as for example a RH Systems 473 Dew Point Mirror), evaluate the offset between the HDC1080 and the reference sensor, and remove this offset in the micro-controller firmware.
    Please let me know if this replies to your question.
    Best regards,