HDC1080: Regarding clarification needed for Humidity measurement more than 80%

Part Number: HDC1080


i am using HDC1080 sensor in my project, where this sensor will measure humidity more than 80% in the field for long run.

my query is, since sensor will be sensing humidity of 80% continuously, when i required to activate heating bit to get rid of moisture

when my sensing condition will always be more than 80% humidity.

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  • Hi Jagannath,

    The HDC1080 is able to auto detect the condensation, because in this condition the device output suddenly drop from about 100% to 0% (this is not physically possible, so it indicates that there is condensation).

    The heater should be switched on when the output suddenly fall from about 100% to 0%, and switched off when it suddenly rise from 0% to about 100%.

    Please let me know if this replies to your question.

    Best regards,