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LDC1101: LDC1101 question

Part Number: LDC1101


 The average test value of the inductance with GUI is 6.19836uH on EVM user's guide Page17, so I'd like to know if this indicates the inductance accuracy of LDC1101.Please give me some advice

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  • Hello,
    The LDC1101 measures the frequency and the GUI converts this to inductance based on the capacitance value you enter. Given that there will be part-to-part variability on the capacitor as well as the PCB inductor coil (less significant), the output reading will change from EVM-to-EVM which does not reflect the LDC1101's accuracy. Additionally, the external clock source is provided from the onboard MSP430 so there will be some additional inaccuracies unrelated to the LDC1101. If you want to understand the accuracy of the LDC1101 as well as the resolution, you can refer to the following application note: Optimizing L Measurement Resolution for the LDC161x and LDC1101 [SNOA944]: www.ti.com/.../snoa944
    Luke LaPointe