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AWR1642: xdctools_3_50_00_10 cannot support ti.targets.arm.elf.R4F

Part Number: AWR1642


For the mmwave_sdk_01_00_00_05\packages\ti\demo\xwr16xx\mmw\ms, I created one ccs project based on the tools dependency in the SDK release notes, configured the project properties based on the makefile. The project can be built successfully, but the mss_mmw.cfg cannot be opened XGCONF view with below error.

Please fix the following errors. Then close and relaunch the XGConf editor.
js: "./config.bld", line 10: Error: Can't find the target named 'ti.targets.arm.elf.R4F ' along the path 'C:/ti/bios_6_50_01_12/packages;C:/Work_AndyYin/Device/Radar/ccs_project/mss_test_1.0/.config;C:/ti/xdctools_3_50_00_10_core/packages;..;': please check the spelling of the target's name and that it exists along this path.

In the xdctools_3_50_00_10_core\docs\xdctools_3_50_00_10_supported_targets.html there is below text, the ti.targets.arm.elf.R4F is not supported in the xdctools_3_50_00_10. But why it can be built well with both makefile and ccs project? Which xdc version can fully support the ti.targets.arm.elf.R4F? If cannot support, which platform should be used?



  • Hello Andy,
    Will get back to you on this.

  • In reply to Vivek Dham:

    Hi Vivek,

    How about the status, can u see the issue at your side, if need I can send my project to u through mail, thank u very much.


  • In reply to Andy Yin:

    Hi Andy

    We believe we have the same observation and are confirming a few aspects with the relevant team. Shall share an update shortly



  • In reply to Manav Mediratta:

    Hi Andy,

    I tried creating CCS project for mmw demo application for R4F core. I'm able to create and build project successfully at my end. And able to open mss_mmw.cfg with XGCONF.

    Target 'ti.targets.arm.elf.R4F' is supported by SysBIOS so it actually doesn't depend on XDC tool target support list.

    Here are few points you need to take care of

    1. Install CCS version 7.1 or newer at your machine.
    2. XDS Tool 3.50.0 or newer version.  I'm using XDS at my end.
    3. TI Sys/BIOS or later
    4. While creating CCS project under RTSC TAB choose options as given here
      1. Target -  ti.targets.arm.elf.R4F
      2. Platform - ti.platforms.cortexR:AWR16XX   (as defined ti\common\mmwave_sdk.mak: R4F_XSFLAGS)


    Jitendra Gupta

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    My test tools and platform:




    Target:  ti.targets.arm.elf.R4F

    Platform: ti.platforms.cortexR:AWR16XX:false:200 (

    R4F_XSFLAGS = -t ti.targets.arm.elf.R4F -p ti.platforms.cortexR:$(XDC_PLATFORM_DEFINE):false:200 \
    -r release -c $(R4F_CODEGEN_INSTALL_PATH)


    My project can be built successfully but still cannot open the mss_mmw.cfg with XCONG with the error reported as in the previous post. Below attached my project and build log for your check. And could u pls share me your project, thanks.



  • In reply to Andy Yin:

    Hi Andy,

    Found the issue with your CCS project.

    Target name 'ti.targets.arm.elf.R4F ' has space character at the end which is causing this issue. XDS module type doesn't match because of this extra space at the end of target name.

    Please update Target string in Project property under RTSC TAB and save & close the CCS project. Delete all build time generated file/folder (Debug, .config, .settings, src). Re-open CCS project and build. Now try to open mss_mmw.cfg with 'XGCONF' tool.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Jitendra Gupta

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    Got it, it is fine now after delete the space, thank u very much.
  • In reply to Andy Yin:

    Hi Andy,
    Glad that you got it working.

    If you don't have any other query related to this, I request you to mark the reply as ANSWERED so that we can close this post.

  • In reply to Andy Yin:


    I am new to AWR1642. I have some trouble in importing the demo into the ccs project. Do you success in creating the awr1642 ccs project. 

  • In reply to JIM GREEN:

    Hello Jim,

    Can you please look into Ti-Resource explored within CCS and browse to mmWave devices. After downloading it should show you how to import and compile mmWave projects in CCS.

    The original question in this thread is resolved and we would like to close it out. If you have further questions related to CCS import please feel free to file a new post under this forum.

    Thank you.