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This forum is for discussions and questions pertaining to mmWave Sensor Devices.  Users can file queries related to mmWave Sensor AWR, IWR devices and their collateral offering including mmWave SDK, Tools and TI RTOS issues in conjunction to these devices.

Please check Learn More About mmWave Sensors for more resources:

Device specific technical documents can be found on device product pages.

When posting queries, please include the following as applicable:

  • Version of mmWave SDK & TI RTOS you are using.

  • Details of board platform (EVM & its revision) you are using.

  • Silicon revision of your device.

  • Version of compiler and Code Composer Studio

  • For API specific issues, please provide the application source code used.

  • For run-time issues, please provide a detailed description of the problem and the expected behavior.

  • Provide/attach relevant Message Log and debug information or screen captures of the issue.



More information provided with first post will help us better understand the nature of query and speed up the response time.

A few more helpful e2e tips are documented in following threads:


Lastly if you think your query is resolved please hit 'Verify Answer'.

We are always open to suggestions on making this Forum more helpful and user friendly.


Thank you!

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