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IWR1642: Mismatch of TX start time location in Radar studio and application note swra553.pdf

Part Number: IWR1642


In application note "Programming Chirp Parameters in TI Radar Devices" (www.ti.com/.../swra553.pdf), customer found below Typical FMCW Chirp. You will find that TX start time is inside the adc start time.

But in Radar studio, you will find TX start time is inside Idle time.

Would you pls kindly advise which one is correct?



  • Hello Chris,
    We allow both positive and negative TX start times. If you use a positive TX start time then the transmitter will turn ON after the start of the ramp (by the amount of time provided as input). If you use a negative TX start time then the transmitter would get turned ON prior to the ramp start. The two figures you mentioned above indicate these two scenarios.

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    Hello Chris,
    Does this help clarify your doubt?