AWR1243: ANA#07: Errata Silicon SWRZ071

Part Number: AWR1243


ANA#07 CSI2 Activity Coupling to Clock

Revision(s) Affected: AWR1243 ES1.0 and AWR1243 ES2.0

Description: The activity on the CSI lines during the state transitions at the start and at the end of CSI transfer couples into the clock leading to glitches in the TX output.

Does this show up as a sinusoidal glitch in part of the transmitted chirp ?

Is it coupling from the power lines or from x4 multiplier to the PA ? Additionally is this coupling originating from CSI-2 clock or one of specific CSI data lanes near the CLKP and CLKM on the BGA?

Is this issue only on TX output or does it also impact the LO/IF ?

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