AWR1642: xdctools_3_50_00_10 cannot support ti.targets.arm.elf.R4F

Part Number: AWR1642


For the mmwave_sdk_01_00_00_05\packages\ti\demo\xwr16xx\mmw\ms, I created one ccs project based on the tools dependency in the SDK release notes, configured the project properties based on the makefile. The project can be built successfully, but the mss_mmw.cfg cannot be opened XGCONF view with below error.

Please fix the following errors. Then close and relaunch the XGConf editor.
js: "./config.bld", line 10: Error: Can't find the target named 'ti.targets.arm.elf.R4F ' along the path 'C:/ti/bios_6_50_01_12/packages;C:/Work_AndyYin/Device/Radar/ccs_project/mss_test_1.0/.config;C:/ti/xdctools_3_50_00_10_core/packages;..;': please check the spelling of the target's name and that it exists along this path.

In the xdctools_3_50_00_10_core\docs\xdctools_3_50_00_10_supported_targets.html there is below text, the ti.targets.arm.elf.R4F is not supported in the xdctools_3_50_00_10. But why it can be built well with both makefile and ccs project? Which xdc version can fully support the ti.targets.arm.elf.R4F? If cannot support, which platform should be used?