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OPT8241-CDK-EVM: Using the EEPROM programmer with OPT8241 EVM invalidates the firmware

Part Number: OPT8241-CDK-EVM


I just wanted to inform you what happens if you try to update the OPT9221 firmware on the OPT8241 EVM using Windows 10 and the TI EEPROM Programmer.

Software used:

  • Windows 10
  • VoxelViewer 0.9.6
  • Firmware to flash: OPT9221_Fw_0v29


  • Connect and power the camera
  • Start VoxelViewer
  • Connects to the camera, streaming works
  • Start EEPROM programmer from file menu
  • Select device and correct firmware (OPT9221_0v29.tie)
  • Click Download
  • Wait for the window to show the 'done' message
  • Power-cycle the camera
  • Result: Chipset led stays off, camera does not stream anymore.
  • Repair: Use a Windows 7 PC, follow the exact same procedure, camera works again.

The behavior is reproducable. So, in short:

Situation: Upgrading the TI kit using a Windows 10 PC will invalidate the firmware. (Note: The device can be recovered!)
Effect: The chipset LED does not light up anymore and you won’t get any readings from the depth camera anymore.
Solution: Connect the kit to a Windows 7 PC and use that one to re-flash the firmware. Devices with invalid firmware can be recovered, as long as they still communicate via USB (which is usually the case, as the FX2 firmware remains untouched).