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OPT9221: OPT9221 EVM KIT F/W upgrade Issue

Part Number: OPT9221

Hi. TI

During the development of the OPT8241-EVM-CDK, the firmware upgrade test is in progress.

The firmware upgrade process is shown below.

1. Firmware upgrade from TI homepage to OPT9221_0V26.tie file

2. After upgrading the firmware, please contact the E2E site after restoration to 0V23.

3. I upgraded the firmware to OPT9221_0V23.tip included in VoxelSDK-0.6.7, but it does not work.

4. LED D3 does not turn on in EVM KIT and VoxelViewer can not see stream.

I want to know how to restore the board.

I also want to know the firmware version that I need to apply to the mass production PCB after development.

 I attach a picture of the current EVM KIT status.

I will wait for your reply.


Best Regards,


  • Hi,

    At the moment, the latest version of the firmware is 0.29.

    Please flash OPT9221_0v29.tie from here:

    Please note that the extension is .tie, not .tip. The .tip file is for slave mode bootup.

    Could you also let us know if you used Windows 7 or WIndows 10 for the firmware upgrade? We have another report recently that upgrade fails when using a Windows 10 computer - this is still being investigated, and for now we recommend using Windows 7 computers.

    Best Regards,