AFE4490SPO2EVM: No able to perform capture waveform

Part Number: AFE4490SPO2EVM

Customer reported faulty item AFE4490SPO2EVM x 1 kit
They opened this kit box lately and found the board was not worked as attached file.
Please download the attachment .docx .mp4 video inside for details. (Pls advice how attached to upload the docx file)

Tested with…
1. OS : Windows 7, Windows 10
2. CPU : intel x86, intel x64
3. RAM : 4 GB
4. USB : 2.0

This is their second time use of the board and another board from other supplier worked fine with the same PC.
4.   COM Port connected normally
5.   GUI program connected normally
6.   When they perform “Capture”, it’s suddenly stopped as like attached video.

Please advice. Thank you.

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