How to run the chip PGA900 after loading the HEX file to the DevRAM?


I am trying to perform a simple test code for PGA900 in order to make sure that the program can be executed by my ideal.

So, I added program in PGA900_cfg.c making pin 27 and 26 of PGA900 in high level, which it is convenient me to use a voltage meter to detect. the programming as follow:

/* GPIO1 and GPIO2 are outputs, push-pull */


/* Put value '1' on GPIO2, make GPIO2 as high */




then, the program was compiled CCS 6.1, and produced a HEX file without any error message.

I follow the user manual of "PGA900 Pressure and Temperature Sensor Signal Conditioner" in chapter DEVRAM Programming to load the HEX file to memory until the progress bar to 100%, but I didn't see high level in PGA900EVM TP22(GPIO2) and TP18(GPIO1).
Did I have to do something after loaded the HEX file to trigger the chip running?


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  • Hello,

    To program in DEVRAM, make sure to put the microcontroller into reset by pressing the the button on the top left corner of the GUI. (Or you can write a 0x03 to the MICRO_INTERFACE_CONTROL register in the low level page).
    Then you can program the device using the DEVRAM programming instructions as you had followed in the User's Guide.
    After that, Press the button that says "REMAP Disabled" on the programming page to enable REMAP. This maps the DEVRAM in the correct location for operation with the M0.
    From there, you need the memory loaded into the microcontroller, so take it out of reset by pressing the button on the top left again. This should let you see the GPIOs pull high.

    -Matt Sullivan
    Systems Engineer, Automotive Body Electronics and Lighting

  • In reply to Matthew Sullivan:

    Thanks for your help

  • In reply to Matthew Sullivan:

    Hello Matt,

    I am trying to run an application performing the same function. I perform the DEVRAM load, Remap and take the microcontroller out of reset as you have indicated. However, I do not get any functionality. The PGA900 GUI shows the remap register set to 1 and the micrcontroller running but the GPIO1 and GPIO2 outputs stay low. I have also tried toggling them which does not work either. Is there anything I might not have set for the downloaded code to run?