PGA300EVM-034: PGA300evm about the unable to activate OWI communication issue

Part Number: PGA300EVM-034

Hi Team,

The customer is using PGA300EVM-034.  The customer use OWI mode to communicate. DVDD is 1.883V. AVDD is 3.03V.  

Other power voltage 7P5VDC、3P3VDC、5VDC is fine.

The issue is that the EVM board cannot activate the OWI communication.

Q1: The attach has the short-circuit caps connection. The customer has marked with the red box.

Can you confirm if the the short-circuit caps connection is OK?

Q2: The customer download the version GUI software. But when he connect the EVM board to the PC. Then the GUI software is needed to update.

The software configuration and the update information is in the attach. Please check the attach. How to solve the software update issue?

Q3: How to solve the the customer's issue? 

Q4: How to operate the EVM board and the GUI software when the customer use the OWI mode  to communicate?

Best Wishes,
Mickey Zhang
Asia Customer Support Center
Texas Instruments

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