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LMT01: LMT01

Part Number: LMT01


May I know if LMT01 can measure 10m object temperature?

Now Maxim DS18B20 can measure 77m distance as below spec & application.

Please kindly provide suggestion solution for reference.


DS18B20 spec https://datasheets.maximintegrated.com/en/ds/DS18B20.pdf

DS18B20 application http://www.go-gddq.com/down/2011-10/11101320432816.pdf

  • Eric,

    The datasheet description mentioned a maximum of 2 meters but let me confirm and get back to you.  By the way, have you consider the TMP107? It can support long distances (300 meters)


  • In reply to Kelvin Le THS:


    Our device can drive up to 100pF of capacitive load. There are many types of cables available so you will have to be mindful of the capacitive spec. You can drive a long cable but you must keep the stray cap within 100pF. The capacitance affects the pulse edges so be aware.