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TMP431: ADGKT Vapor Phase Soldering alowed?

Part Number: TMP431

Dear colleagues,

the assembly line has just requested green light to solder the TMP431ADGKT with Vapor Phase Soldering process. This is a standard technology they are usinf for all other parts on the PCBs. So the question is, if the part may be soldered by VPS?

Thanks in advance!


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  • Dear colleaues,

    the situation is clearer now, after having talked to the assebly line director: They had issues with soldering OPEN sensors like humidity or air pressure sensors, as the vapors can damage such sensors. For parts that have closed packaging like the TMP431 they do not expect any problem. So their concern was not the temperature profile (what I expected) but the part's sensitivity to the vapors itself. And the staff was just mistakedly advised to request written consent from the customers before soldering ANY "sensors" ;-)

    I think we can close the topic.