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LM50: Failure mode

Part Number: LM50


I am using LM50CIM3 in several products.  It's a workhorse, and has given us a lot of good service.  However, there remains a question on common failure modes for this part mainly driven by our product FMEA.  

Other than using the obvious solution of redundant sensors, is there a common failure mode associated with this part that is detectable by observing the output?  

Does it fail in-range?  Does it saturate to the power rail?  Does it just drop out altogether?  

All of the above assumes that the sensor is being used in normal conditions within the specifications described in the product datasheet. 

I realize this is a nebulous question, and that electronics can fail in many ways, but I'm looking for ways in which this particular component is most likely to fail.  

(The good news for TI is that we haven't experienced failures with the LM50, thus the purpose of asking this question) 

Thanks in advance!