AFE5809EVM: support for validating demodulation in afe 5809evm with tsw1400

Part Number: AFE5809EVM

we are now analyzing AFE5809 EVM with TSW1400. we have only the datasheet of afe5809 and evm user guide. we found difficulties, when we tried to evaluate the demodulation section. we have the following doubts.

1.   Is external ADC clock is necessary  for testing demodulation?

2. clarification for the settings of demodulation part(down conversion and decimation).

3. How to make sure whether the signal is decimated or not.

kindly give response as soon as possible.

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  • Hi Shafeeja,

    Thank you for your questions! Please find some responses below:

    1. I tested the demodulation mode both by supplying an external 40 MHz clock and using the internal 40 MHz clock. The DEMOD works fine using either clock source. However, if you want to supply an ADC clock that is not 40 MHz, please use an external ADC clock.

    2. I am in the process of looking into this for you. In the mean time, please go through the 'Demodulator Mode' section in the user guide, and verify that you are able to successfully run the tests outlined in the guide! Once you have verified this, please let me know what settings you still need clarification on.

    Another note: In the AFE GUI, when you click "TSW Capture" under the 'Demodulator Plot' tab and 'Demodulated Raw Data' subtab, try clicking the buttons to be "LSB" and "2s complement" instead of "MSB".

    3. I am still looking into this one and will get back to you within a week.

    Thank you!