TDC1000-TDC7200EVM: ultrasonic sensor for the TDC1000-TDC7200 EVM

Part Number: TDC1000-TDC7200EVM

HI Scott

first I would like to thank you for your advise

we managed to identify the water level by the EVM

with linear increasing of the TOF while I added water to the can

now we would like to get forward and start the water flow metering with 45 degree 

between the sensors on an iron pipe 

the  thickness of the walls in about 3 mm and with  diameter of 3 inch  and also 4 inch

the full pressure of the water is about 8 PSI

1- what are the recommended transducers

2- what is the recommended distance between the transducers



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  • Hi Ari,

    1. Having not tested a setup with clamp on 45degree flow metering, we do not currently have a recommended transducer for this particular application. I will look into this, but I suggest you contact some transducer manufacturers who can provide their recommendations. Audiowell and Ceramtec have provided piezo transducer solutions in the past for TI.

    2. Ideally the transducers will fire directly at one another and minimize the distance traveled through the pipe. At 45 degrees with a 4" diameter pipe, the transducers should be 4" away from one another, and likewise they should be 3" away with a 3" diameter pipe. This will provide direct on-axis aiming between transducers. However, if you know the beam pattern of the particular transducer, you could take advantage of that to move the transducers closer to one another without suffering much loss from being off axis. The best way to do this would be to start at a distance equal to the diameter of the pipe, then experiment by moving the transducers closer to one another. At a certain point, the loss from being off axis will outweigh the gains from having the total distance traveled be shorter.



    Scott Cummins

    Sensor Signal Conditioning Applications