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IWR1443BOOST: perform algorithm on first peak, not highest

Part Number: IWR1443BOOST


As i made clear in other threads I want to perform the high accuracy algorithm on the closest object instead of the highest reflective one. All this done in the high accuracy lab.

What i want to do is alter the algorithm that finds the highest peak, to find the closest peak. I believe that in doing so, i will get my desired results the easiest way, and without having to alter the lab itself a lot.

However i can't understand the algorithms/functions responsible for this. Can i get some detailed information on how i would do this?

so i want to replace the highest peak with closest peak, and run the program normally afterwards.

I believe i have to be in function :

void MmwDemo_peakSearch(MmwDemo_DataPathObj *obj)

which directs me to the following function:

void MmwDemo_configPeakSearch_HWA(MmwDemo_DataPathObj *obj)

does the variable 


determine that the highest peak should be returned?

if not, what does?

help is very much appreciated