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DCA1000EVM: Is loading binary in mmWave Studio the same as writing with Uniflash?

Part Number: DCA1000EVM


Will the Board's binary be rewritten with the following procedure by mmWaveStudio ?

1.I Use UNIFLASH to flush the following to IWR 1443 BOOST.

2.I attach DCA 1000 EVM to IWR 1443 BOOST.and a jumper on SOP 2.

3.By mmWaveStudio, I run DataCaptureDemo_xWR.lua.
 xwr12xx_xwr14xx_radarss_ES2.0.bin and xwr12xx_xwr14xx_masterss_ES2.0.bin are

4.I remove DCA 1000 EVM from IWR 1443 BOOST,and the jumper from SOP 2.

5.When I run the Visializer Demo using this IWR 1443 BOOST,
  which binary files are work on ?
  2 or 3 ?


  • Hello Nakano-san,
    Can you please help me understand your use-case?

    Are you looking to use the mmwave demo visualizer on the AWR1443BOOST and then capture the LVDS data using DCA1000EVM ?

  • In reply to Raghunandan Kamath:


    Thank you very much.

    Sorry. There was mistakes in these sentence.
    Uniflash needs to cover jumpers ,SOP 0 and SOP 2.
    When using DCA 1000 EVM, the jumper was removed from SOP 2 and attached to SOP 1.
    When Visualizer is used, it is removed from SOP 1, and jumper is overlaid only on SOP 0.

    Originally, I want datas by capture in mmwave Studio,
    and measure the peak position with the Visualizer under the same condition.
    I will use Visualizer to copy of screen at the peak position.

    In Uniflash, when binary is written to IWR 1443 BOOST, SOP 0 and SOP 2 are covered when with DCA 1000 EVM.
    When connected to the DCA 1000 EVM, I was concerned about whether the binary will be loaded
    into IWR 1443 BOOST by mmwave Studio with SOP 0 and SOP 1 covered.


  • In reply to user5205609:


    The SOP mode you described is correct. When connecting DCA1000 with SOP0 and SOP2 jumped, the binaries in the flash will not be loaded. Instead, the mmwave studio will load the corresponding bss and mss binaries.

    Thanks and Regards,